Our Approach

We are perfectionists. Idealists. Inventors. Forever performing with products and processes, always on the lookout for better. But it also rewards bright, original thinking and hard work. And none of us here would have it any other way.
Our commitment to ght counterfeit is a continuous journey towards improving the performance of our staff and services and meeting whatever challenges that may confront us.

Our Story

Verum Code is founded in 2016, and is considered the rst registered company in the code creation against counterfeit. With its Head Oce located in Heliopolis. The company was established as a general partnership registered under (Law 159).
Verum Code introduces to the market a “Centralized Anti-Counterfeit System” through providing unique QR Codes that can be veried by the consumer.

Hatim Zaghloul

Chairman and CEO VerumCode, Inc.

President, Chairman & CEO

Inovatian Group, Inc., & Innovative Products for Life Inc.

Director HZCATE (Hatim Zaghloul Center for AdvancedTelecommunications and Electronics)

An Egyptian Canadian, who is recognized as a visionary leader in the hi-tech community. In 1992, Dr. Zaghloul co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., and under his direction, the two technologies he co-invented with Dr. Michel Fattouche became the heart of many wireless communications standards: WiFi (IEEE802.11a/g/n), 3G (H and H+), and 4G (WiMAX).

Dr. Zaghloul holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University as well as a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Calgary.

Dr. Zaghloul has published extensively in technical journals and holds over ten patents. Dr. Zaghloul envisioned in 1991 how WOFDM technology can become the main driver for all wideband wireless communications applications including wireless local area networking, wide area networking, cellular telephony and home networking.

Currently, Dr. Zaghloul lives in Egypt where he runs a number of ventures including Innovative Products for Life Inc. (a technology commercialization company).

Dr. Zaghloul is one of the top inventors of the world. His two inventions WOFDM and MCDSSS have been shown to be the fastest technologies to have been used in the history of inventions; not to mention their monetary value approached $ USD 2 Billion. Only to mention here that his inventions changed the way of living on earth having more than 13 billion active smart devices running depending on them. Furthermore thousands of patents and other devices and technologies were invented and launched in diversied domains using different applications were built on these inventions….

Dr. Zaghloul is currently the Chairman and CEO of Inovatian Inc. He co-founded many companies including Wi-LAN Inc., Cell-Loc Inc., NTG Clarity Networks Inc., and QCC Technologies Inc. Wi-LAN was founded in 1993 to commercialize the WOFDM technology invented by Drs Fattouche and Zaghloul. In 2006, it transformed itself into a patent licensing company after its patents, both the WOFDM patent and the MCDSSS patent, became widely used in the IEEE802.11a/g/n (WiFI) and 3G networks respectively. Currently Wi-LAN achieves over $100M in revenues annually. Cell-Loc Inc. and QCC Technologies Inc. transformed a few times and is currently trading as an oil company. He took Wi-LAN and Cell-Loc from inception to the public market where their valuations exceeded $3B and $2B respectively; he also rose over $180M for Wi-LAN. NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (TSV:NCI) is operating in Canada, the US, Egypt and Saudi and provides software solutions for telecommunications providers and other utilities. You can read more about Dr. Zaghloul at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatim_Zaghloul.

Dr. Zaghloul has been awarded many awards: One of 10 Great Canadians by MacLeans’ Magazine in July 2000; Calgarian of the Year 2000 with Dr. Fattouche by Business in Calgary magazine; and First Broadband Wireless Hall of Fame inductee (2000).